Digital Twin

What is Digital Twin?


A real-time digital copy that portrays the status of your hardware. For railway management, monitoring bridges, locks and more. An open ecosystem that integrates various tools within a single platform. It provides a holistic overview of hardware performance based on statistical as well as real-time data. This makes it possible to forecast and avoid maintenance, which reduces failures to a minimum.

Core competences Digital Twin

  • Full insight in asset performance and health
  • Maintenance cost reduction up to 75%
  • Up to 99,9% point availability
  • Open system interface for the unpredictable future…

Our approach


Rail Centric

The industry is going through one of its greatest periods of change. At Strukton Power we have a “rail centric” approach to every solution. Our goal is to transition the rail industry through innovation to get it through the energy transition period. Whether it’s Monitoring and Control systems along the wayside, or our highly versatile Power Electronics.  We are the innovation you rely on in the rail industry.

AI Development

Our integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a variety of our solutions, is because at Strukton Power we believe in the idea our customers and trusted partners deserve to have the high priority information in the real time it takes to make that critically important decision. We use (AI) for Algorithm generation, make your strategic goals, a reality.

Energy Solutions

At Strukton Power, we don’t just say “We are Power”, we really are. When it comes to your energy needs, we understand. Literally, we help you store, transform, monitor, and move energy to where you need it most. Energy is at our core, and believe we have the solution no matter what your challenge is with energy.

Bridges and Locks


In the Netherlands there are approx. 1500 bridges and 2000 locks that need to be renovated over time.

For this we design a safe and reliable control system. We do so by renovating bridges and locks by a standardized automation concept that can be applied in various situations.

These projects deliver high reliability, short project lead times & safety by design.

Monitoring by POSS

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London Underground

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