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At Strukton Power we get inspired every day by the challenges and opportunities we face now and in the future. Opportunities that allow us to grow, rise above ourselves and unleash the potential from our vast range of knowledge and experience gained over the years. But also from our drive and creativity to redefine the standard, creating new solutions in a rapidly changing and demanding market.

An open vision. Thinking in new ways and working together. With our clients and among ourselves. We have now regrouped within Strukton and will continue as Strukton Power.

Strukton Power offers reliable energy systems at the ready. We provide services in the field of high-voltage substations, smart grids, rolling stock, E&I systems for bridges and locks, travel information systems (e.g. DPI), railway safety and asset management systems.

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‘We develop all of our hardware and software in-house.’

Lennart Tomberg, Software Engineer

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"There is so much specific knowledge in our company. We can do any type of project in the energy transition.''

Manon de Vries - Pap, Engineer

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‘I do many different things, at different places and as part of different teams.’

Nick Plette, Site Manager

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